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Welcome Back to 20/21

What a truly wonderful thing to get to say... Welcome Back! I am unbelievably excited to reconnect with you all.

Let's get straight to it. This year will again be different than we would like. But, we have some exciting adjustments to our performances. First and foremost, I want to make sure I articulate how important you are. While other activities and athletics are canceling or postponing, we just can't do that. That does not mean we won't make adjustments. We have to. My number one priority is the safety and health of my students. But, this also means I want us to be the torch bearers of culture for our community.

"Almost, Maine" will shift from live performances to a Digital Theatrical Experience that will be available for rent on any major streaming device. Think a halfway film. Not quite a stage show and not quite a cinematic experience. It will give all students a lesson in film acting and hybrid acting. I'm exciting for you all to experience what we do with this. It will premiere on November 6th at 7pm. The cost to rent will be $10.

"Dragons Love Tacos" will also move from live in person performances to Live Streamed Children's show. I liken it to one of the classic live children tv shows. It will be happening in real-time, but we will be streaming. That will be free to all children in the Kuna School District starting January 28th.

"Begets: Fall of a High School Ronin" will make a shift from our final show of the year to our third show. This production will take place in the KPAC. The hope is we will be at a point where we can have live audiences, even if we have to social distance there will be enough space in the KPAC to adequately do this. The plan is to do this show as normal as possible. It will run March 11th, 12th, 13th, at 7pm. If for some reason we are still unable to have live performances. We will shift this production in to a full cinematic film, shot in our high school. There will be a red carpet premiere on the 12th at 8pm. Then it will be released for rental the next day for $10.

"Into the Woods" will now be our final show. This one is going to be epic. We are moving it out of the KPAC and in to a venue that can hold the magic and creativity we are bringing. This final show will take place in our own football stadium. We are moving outside for this show running May 13, 14, 15. It will start at 7:30pm. Much more to come as we move in to the first semester.

Our work will be cut out for us this year to adapt and overcome. I believe with the plans in place and safety being our number one priority, we will have a full season.

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